In 1945, as a grandfather profession started this passion recognized by Turkey of many furniture stores and furniture manufacturer in the imaging tripod production Renovated in 2008, DStill’s bedroom in 2016 and began producing dining room sets. Drawing a road map based on design and innovation in the brand journey, DStill; In addition to making mention of product quality at 250 points in 81 provinces, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosava, Switzerland, Germany, Nigeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Palestine, Georgia Has started to appear in the international market such as Azerbaijan and India. DStill has recently developed personal projects; It is also the creative architect of living spaces such as villas, hotels and restaurants. DStill, a success story of craftsmanship and business ethics passed down from generation to generation, is rapidly progressing to become a brand that determines the design trends of the future.

“What is our purpose, where do we want to go?”
As D Still, we aim to produce furniture of the future, a human-centered design approach and
We aim to establish a trust-based relationship and communication with our partner. In the target market
Reaching the brand awareness we set for ourselves
behind it is not only export-based in the world market,
has added value through ideas, patents and authenticity
innovations, so to speak, we want to make inventions.

As D Still, we combine our trend following for future furniture designs with R&D studies.
We are working to be the bearer of a brand new vision. Wood production of up to 150 sets with new
we combine our craft with the technologies of the future. A human-centered design concept
By supporting with an ecological argument, with the correct use and not to deplete natural resources
We continue to work for the world of the future..